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Live Kart RacingThe Experience

You whiz around the 2,000 foot racetrack, attaining speeds up to 30 mph. With your bottom only 2 inches off the ground, it feels like you are doing 80 mph as you negotiate hairpin turns, banked corners and chicanes. At the end of the race you feel exhilarated, but exhausted. The nearly 2 mile gauntlet is over. You want to get right back behind the wheel and go at it again. Welcome to Velocity 17.

An electronic leader board allows your fans to track your position and lap times, while a computer printout provided to you at the end of the race let’s you brag over your results with fellow racers.


The British Bowman Storm high performance race karts with Asmo electric motors are the finest in the world. These are not the raspy, lawn mower engine powered Go-Karts that you may be used to.

The karts are designed to meet the demands of the seasoned enthusiast as well as the learning curve of the first time racer. The Bowman Storm has been designed specifically for electric motors. These karts are not conversions from gasoline powered vehicles.

Electric motors have the unique advantage of:

  • Running with no sound other than the screeching of tires;
  • Emitting no smelly exhaust;
  • Producing instant acceleration;
  • Running indoors in a climate controlled space;
  • Achieving consistent speeds without tuning or other performance issues associated with gasoline engines.

The high torque electric motors achieve 12 hp powered by 4 12 volt car batteries. The chassis is hand built and welded from 30mm chrome molybdenum tubes, giving it excellent flexion and torsion qualities. Rubber mounted sidewraps give extra side impact protection and prevent wheels from becoming entangled. The Asmo electric motor is mounted behind the driver in a low position. This unique design gives the Bowman Storm great handling qualities, better kart balance and improved braking.


Facility LayoutThe European style track was designed by Formula 1 professionals to be the most challenging and one of the longest in the world. The spaghetti style track is over 2,000 feet long with banked straight-aways and corners, hairpin turns and chicanes. A chicane is a series of tight serpentine curves, in case you were wondering. The racing tarmac surface ensures maximum traction at all times, especially in conjunction with the Bridgestone slick racing tires our karts are outfitted with.

Timing System

All karts are linked to our Supersport timing system, which displays the driver’s photograph, laps completed, last lap time, fastest lap, total time, and position. Track sensors pick up transponder signals from the karts and display results to an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second. Each racer is provided a computer printout at the end of the race displaying all the race data graphically.

Race result information is stored by the computer system, which displays the best race times of the day and the best times since the system was started. This information will eventually be available to the individual racer through a web site interface.


Safety is a paramount concern at Velocity 17. All drivers must comply with posted safety regulations and are fitted with DOT approved racing helmets and neck braces. The karts are equipped with roll over bars and 5 point harness restraints.

Attendance at a 10 minute safety briefing is required of all participants. Drivers with a valid non-restricted state driver’s license can drive in a full speed, 30 mph, race. Other drivers can participate in races where the karts are set to a maximum speed of 24 mph.

A light and flag system warns drivers of dangerous situations that occur. Marshals are situated throughout the racetrack to assist drivers. Karts have computer controlled radio relays that can be used remotely to shut down kart engines in emergencies.

Velocity 17 complies with ASTM safety codes and is licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Division of Codes and Standards, Carnival Amusement Ride Safety Program.






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